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  1. Beverly B.

    Beverly B.

    Los Angeles, CA Goal race - ING NYC Marathon 2012. Other races on tap -- RNR San Diego, RNR Las Vegas, Nike Women's Marathon, Malibu Marathon. Goal is to stay healthy!

  2. Scott B.

    Scott B.

    General fitness

  3. Kris H.

    Kris H.

    Spokane, WA Either run or ride a significant distance every day.

  4. Matthew N.

    Matthew N.

    Harrisburg, PA

  5. Scot C.

    Scot C.

    Indianapolis, IN 1.) Place in a Cat 4 Race 2.) Cat 3 by 2012 3.) Reach Optimum Race Weight

  6. Mike I.

    Mike I.

    Toronto, ON

  7. Cristina


    Washington, DC Challenging myself with lifting, running and fitness in general.

  8. Greg C.

    Greg C.

    Cazenovia, NY Re-establish solid distance base for sub-three hour marathon

  9. J Glenn

    J Glenn

    Pasadena, CA Fitness | Joy | Balance

  10. Claire R.

    Claire R.

    Murrieta, CA Be at my personal best!

  11. Anthony D.

    Anthony D.

    Lose 30 Pounds by June 01, 2011

  12. Andrzej N.

    Andrzej N.

    Doha, QA Mid-term goal: to qualify for Boston (turning 40 in May 2014).

  13. Alex B.

    Alex B.

    New York, NY I need to go back to the gym on a regular basis and lose weight. In December, I started stress eating and stopped going to the gym. I need to get back on track.

  14. Russ P.

    Russ P.

    Ridgefield, CT 2014: Half Marathon: Check. Olympic triathlon: July 20th, Marathon: 12/6 in Delaware, need a 5K and 10K soon.....maybe a 50K to start next year?

  15. Katie L.

    Katie L.

    MD Charlottesville Half Marathon in April!!

  16. Jeff R.

    Jeff R.

    Goshen, IN Right now it's to begin to run at least 5 miles a week consistently. Ultimately I'd like to be running 5 miles at least every other day.

  17. Noah
  18. Jim


  19. Gabriel
  20. Marie