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  1. Apollo L.

    Apollo L.

    Sunnyvale, CA CrossFit Level 1 Certification in 2011. APFT Max (300+ pts). MCPFT Max. 80+% WOD completion. Compete in CrossFit Games 2012.

  2. Zach R.

    Zach R.

    Denver, CO My first sprint and working my way to an ironman. Right now I'm recovering from a back injury, getting back into Crossfit and working up to Crossfit Endurance.

  3. Gabriel P.

    Gabriel P.

    Beverly, MA My Goal: CrossFit Level III - CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.

  4. Jen S.

    Jen S.

    Orlando, FL To make it to the Crossfit Regionals 2013.

  5. Amber K.

    Amber K.

    Norfolk, VA 3 on 1 off CrossFit workouts. 400# deadlift, legit pullups and pushups (GOT EM!!) by the end of 2010

  6. Nik W.

    Nik W.

    Fall River, MA Just having fun and keeping fit with crossfit and running.

  7. Jeff N.

    Jeff N.

    Lewisville, NC Become fit! Run some fun races in 2012 and try my hand at a CrossFit competition.

  8. Lynn Z.

    Lynn Z.

    Denver, CO Crossfit - compete in an O-lift competition.

  9. Amanda G.

    Amanda G.

    Murfreesboro, TN Return to running and CrossFit. Hopefully some swimming, yoga, and kickboxing down the road.

  10. Mickey W.

    Mickey W.

    Lawrence, KS Endurance adventures, CrossFit, cycling, swimming, and running races and training.

  11. Rebecca M.

    Rebecca M.

    Fort Walton Beach, FL To decrease body fat, increase lean body mass, stay sober, and continue to CrossFit and run while rehabilitating my shoulder.

  12. Gabrielle G.

    Gabrielle G.

    Columbia, SC Running goal: 1/2 Marathon in under 1:50 Crossfit goal: Handstand push ups

  13. Bill B.

    Bill B.

    Northampton, MA Get stronger and injury free with crossfit. Compete in one triathlon. Run a few races. Get my body ready for Ironman in 2 years.

  14. Harrold C.

    Harrold C.

    Manila, PH beat my personal record (Crossfit and Running) every seconds counts!

  15. Selly Selina

    Selly Selina

    Singapore 2013: 2 FM's, CROSSFIT MORE & BETTER PBs: 5K<0:29:38; 10K<0:59:27; *Halfie<2:16:36; *30K<3:22:03; *Full Mary<4:49:47 | *achieved at Melbourne Marathon 2012 ;)

  16. Brittany


    TX Attend crossfit 3Xweek, weight at 132 by summer

  17. Clint C.

    Clint C.

    Minneapolis, MN Crossfit

  18. Lia M.

    Lia M.

    Fort Smith, AR Qualify for Boston again! Train for another ironman and get serious about crossfit!

  19. Robert W.

    Robert W.

    Birmingham, AL Health, Run a Half-Marathon(Check), Run a marathon, stick with CrossFit regimen.

  20. Stephanie


    Completed all my goals so onto new ones; weight lifting, crossfit pro, enter 1st bikini competition next year & get BF% down to 10-12%!