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  1. Josh H.

    Josh H.

    Le Claire, IA 300 mile summer, and a state cross country championship.

  2. Tapani T.

    Tapani T.

    Helsinki, FI to maintain and improve my fitness and to improve my performance at my favourite sports, cross country skiing and swimming.

  3. Dave B.

    Dave B.

    Newport, RI 2010 Cross Country Season

  4. Lindsey


    High School Cross Country

  5. Cassie Kanyuh

    Cassie Kanyuh

    Franklin, WI be ready for the next half marathon!! oh, and CROSS COUNTRY!!

  6. Dustin N.

    Dustin N.

    Seattle, WA cross country hiking

  7. Sue Z.

    Sue Z.

    Linden, MI 2011 Goals: Ride 2011 miles, run/walk 700 miles, complete P90X (Jan-March), 100 miles on cross country skiis, learn to swim.

  8. Molly M.

    Molly M.

    Herndon, VA Finish outdoor track season with my mile time back at 6:30, and keep up the pace into cross country season

  9. Ben A.

    Ben A.

    Make either the UW-La Crosse Cross country or track team.

  10. Christopher D.

    Christopher D.

    Oregon City, OR Run under 17 minutes for cross country season

  11. Wilson T S.

    Wilson T S.

    Juneau, AK To lead the TMHS Cross Country Team to victory

  12. Keeley Jo M.

    Keeley Jo M.

    Run at the State Cross Country and Track meet for Texas(:

  13. Alyssa G.

    Alyssa G.

    run at cross country state, pro triathlete :)

  14. Grace L.

    Grace L.

    Arlington, VA run an average mile in less than seven minute before cross country season

  15. Ben J.

    Ben J.

    To get the Magruder Cross Country team to run during the summer. pikes peek in 36 minutes this april sub 3 hr marathon in 2015.

  16. Cyrus
  17. Oscar
  18. Christina Mae M.

    Christina Mae M.

    Hilton Head Island, SC To stay in shape for next years track season, and do as best as I can in Cross Country after not running long distance in three years.

  19. Noah Z.

    Noah Z.

    My goal as of now is to stay in cross-country through highschool, still do as many 5k and triathlons as I did before highschool, and to run the Hawaiian Ironman

  20. Johan