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  1. Kristi A.

    Kristi A.

    Holton, KS 600 running miles Work on Cross training possibly 1 race longer than a 5K

  2. Alicia B.

    Alicia B.

    Boston, MA To run my first half marathon on Nov 4, 2012!

  3. Dylan B.
  4. Nicole B.

    Nicole B.

    Auburn, AL Having fun with running this Summer.. taking it easy with the heat. This fall, I will start training for my 2nd half marathon. Can't wait for fall weather!

  5. Mika


    Milwaukee, WI ..I am always training for something or another...

  6. Clem G.

    Clem G.

    White Bear Lake, MN Training for Marathons, Running on my first ULTRA Ragnar team for the Chicago relay. Running the Inaugural Blue Ox marathon and be injury free for 2013

  7. Zeus A.

    Zeus A.

    Madison, WI To stay injury free and have a good year of training and racing!

  8. Donna B.

    Donna B.

    Dunnellon, FL Training to do my first 70.3 in 2012 then hopefully start on 140.6's towards the end of 2012.

  9. Bonnie S.

    Bonnie S.

    Somers Point, NJ Maintain my current training level and weight through the winter

  10. Clayton R.

    Clayton R.

    Providence, RI In June, I will begin training for the Bay State Marathon on October 17 in Lowell, MA. A time of 3:10 or less will qualify me for Boston in 2011.

  11. Erin B.

    Erin B.

    Lawrence, KS general fitness

  12. Marty


    Baltimore, MD Shamrock 1/2 in VA Beach - training to get under 1:30!

  13. Endurance Pro

    Endurance Pro

    Torrance, CA 2012: Triathlons, Duathlons, Marathons, Trail Marathons and Ultramarathons

  14. Patricia T.

    Patricia T.

    Red Deer, AB to get into training for races this summer

  15. Diane N.

    Diane N.

    New Bedford, MA Keeping up with Veggan style, custome no more than 1200 calories a day, workout 5 times a week and add yoga into that. Keep my protein up and less carbs

  16. Christopher M.

    Christopher M.

    Sacramento, CA All time running goal: go from marathoner to BQ'er sub 3:00:00 26.2 sub 1:25:00 13.1 2013 Goals: 1) Run 5 marathons, 2) PR in the marathon, 3) run 365 days

  17. Haizle W.

    Haizle W.

    Cleveland, OH To become a stronger, faster athlete, regardless of the type of sport.

  18. Lindsey H.

    Lindsey H.

    Palo Alto, CA

  19. Kristen B.

    Kristen B.

    Stillwater, OK To run the 5k 'Remember the Ten' run at the end of April.

  20. Santosh


    Chennai, IN Be fit and give everyone else a hard time.