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  1. Myrtice A.
  2. Carolxmkz
  3. Maxime
  4. Rene
  5. Art


  6. Dean
  7. T L.

    T L.

    Run for 3x's a week minimum and incorporate more ACTIVITY into daily lifestyle! Wii Fit, Wave, etc.

  8. Niki J.

    Niki J.

    United Kingdom To be fit and healthy. Walk an hour a day plus Pilates daily.

  9. Ashley W.

    Ashley W.

    Happy Valley, OR My short term goal is to be able to start running again by December 20 (Jubilee's six month birthday). My long term goal is to run a marathon.

  10. Melissa H.

    Melissa H.

    Caledonia, NY 10-12 miles per week for fall.

  11. Katya


    Chicago, IL Run a 5k in < 30 minutes

  12. Kiki


    Orlando, FL Couch to 5k!

  13. S J.

    S J.

    Dry Ridge, KY Eventually: run a marathon, hike the Appalachian Trail, bike across the country. Short term? I'm not sure. A 5K maybe? Walk a half-marathon?

  14. Joy H.

    Joy H.

    Washington, DC 5K in April; 10K in October? Half-marathon eventually.

  15. Kristina


    Norman, OK Improve endurance in ice hockey and work towards a 1/2 or full marathon.

  16. Jenny S.

    Jenny S.

    El Segundo, CA half marathon

  17. Jennifer G.

    Jennifer G.

    Sunrise, FL a vacation in Pueblo, 5K in November, and a healthy heart

  18. Brandi


    Be healthy, fit, trim, and active!

  19. Jennifer J.

    Jennifer J.

    Everett, WA Starting over on 5K training. Race on 10-31, and more next year. Want to be ready when they start in the spring.

  20. Erin O.

    Erin O.

    Sylvania, OH Better health, lower blood pressure, hate my current thighs :)