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  1. Stuart S.

    Stuart S.

    Black Hawk, CO Stay healthy. Get faster. Run a sub-3-hour marathon. Be awesome.

  2. Colleen A.

    Colleen A.

    Canmore, AB Canadian Death Race

  3. Emily K.

    Emily K.

    Marysville, OH I'm going to get in the best shape of my life!

  4. Beth M.

    Beth M.

    Chicago, IL - Clock a 2:15 half marathon in August 2012 - Clock a 2:00 half marathon in August 2013

  5. Michelle W.

    Michelle W.

    Merritt Island, FL To keep the weight off, to get stronger and live life again!

  6. Cruz
  7. Michael
  8. Wilson
  9. Kelley
  10. Odie
  11. Lawrence
  12. Meagan S.

    Meagan S.

    Woodland, CA To get back in shape with the help of my dog.

  13. Joshua
  14. Ray


  15. Omer
  16. Troy