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  1. Jamie


    White Lake Township, MI Big goal this year-my first full! Would like to reach 1000 miles too

  2. Kristin K.

    Kristin K.

    Madison, WI Still determining 2014 goals...a 50 mile gravel ride in April, definitely some running/biking races, but nothing too crazy this year.

  3. Ashlee W.

    Ashlee W.

    Jacksonville, FL

  4. Carolina L.

    Carolina L.

    Houston, TX Trying to finish a 10K at the HHH in under an 1 hour to 1 hour and 5 minutes.

  5. Samantha G.

    Samantha G.

    Brooklyn, NY Work Hard // Keep up with the boys // Pass the boys // Never give up // BQ in 2013

  6. Meghan M.

    Meghan M.

    New York, NY Run the Philadelphia 2015 marathon - Check! Drop my half marathon time to 1:45- Check! Qualify for Boston Drop my half marathon to 1:40

  7. Salome R.

    Salome R.

    Tulsa, OK Route 66 Marathon

  8. Katherine


    Durham, NC

  9. Kasey R.

    Kasey R.

    Fort Bragg, NC After having a baby, I want to get back into shape. I am currently doing C25K and hope to run my first 5K by the end of the year.

  10. Jennifer P.

    Jennifer P.

    Sacramento, CA Just Keep Running!!

  11. Tara A.

    Tara A.

    2010 Tower of Terror 5K in Walt Disney World

  12. Betsy M.

    Betsy M.

    Fort Wayne, IN to be able to run a marathon very soon!!!!

  13. Leeann C.

    Leeann C.

    Indianapolis, IN Stay healthy and be an inspiration to my kids and family.

  14. Madison G.

    Madison G.

    Cincinnati, OH Sub 4:00 Marathon-Check Sub 1:45 Half-Check Next up: I would eventually like to run a marathon sub 3:50 and a half sub 1:40.

  15. Rachel D.

    Rachel D.

    Albia, IA To love running again

  16. Fiona


    Auckland, NZ Started the C25K...Goal 5Ks.Get Fit.Lose some weight 8)

  17. Nichole K.

    Nichole K.

    Waterbury, CT my general health and weight control

  18. Erin K.

    Erin K.

    Moscow, ID half marathon, keep in shape

  19. Megan B.

    Megan B.

    Grand Forks, ND Marathon 3 - Training for a PR after losing a significant amount of weight. Half Marathon 1 - Training for my first half as part of marathon training.

  20. Molly J.

    Molly J.

    Powell Butte, OR Hoping to improve pace & endurance in 2012! Running events: 5k June 2012 7 mile run August 2012 Goal - Beat fastest 5k pace of 11.5 min mile