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  1. Play D.

    Play D.

    Duelo is a Free Entry, NFL and College Football weekly cash giveaway Pick'em game.

  2. Sami
  3. Melody A.

    Melody A.

    I want to become a long-distance walker and a beginning runner.

  4. Chris W.

    Chris W.

    England, United Kingdom, GB To get ripped & fitter, just found Crossfit & loving it!!!

  5. Kimihiko E.

    Kimihiko E.


  6. Don


  7. Edmund
  8. Drew N.

    Drew N.

    Winston Salem, NC Run a mile under 5 minutes

  9. Jeremy M.

    Jeremy M.

    Hastings, NE Planned events for 2014: Tough Mudder Kansas, BRAN 34, Triple Bypass, Gravel Worlds,Tough Mudder Snowmass, Cyclocross Racing & the Market2Market

  10. Rachel


    Durham, NC acclimate to running in this icky sticky heat (i'm a midwestern girl), and run a marathon this fall.

  11. Sara E.

    Sara E.

    Plainfield, IL Complete more than 3 Sprint Triathlons and 1 Olympic

  12. Christopher M.

    Christopher M.

    Cary, NC Half century bike race LIVESTRONG challenge Philly August 23 Strengthing my mind body and spirit through all forms of exercise and the mediation it brings me.

  13. Randy I.

    Randy I.

    NC Commute to work as many times as I can. 2013: top 500 of the National Bike Challenge

  14. Thad H.

    Thad H.

    Wetumpka, AL To get back in shape and do lots of races this year, like I did in 2009. Including a half, Warrior Dash, and a sprint tri.

  15. Vickie M.

    Vickie M.

    Irvine, CA considering running a half marathon.... feeling motivated!!

  16. Robbie S.

    Robbie S.

    San Francisco, CA Just ran my first marathon - the LA Marathon. Now I'm staying in shape for the San Francisco Half-Marathon in July, then looking for my next Marathon...

  17. Elizabeth L.

    Elizabeth L.

    -Triathlon 05/01 -Half-marathon: 8 week training -Governor's Cup run: 10K, 07/16

  18. Matt D.

    Matt D.

    Ogden, UT Would like to try doing a triathlon and just get back into shape

  19. David D.

    David D.

    Cincinnati, OH Ran my 17th marathon and 11th consecutive Air Force Marathon in 2013. Registered for my 12th Air Force Marathon in September 2014.

  20. Allie S.

    Allie S.

    Orlando, FL a Marathon/Ultramarathon