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  1. Jordan
  2. Jeremy M.

    Jeremy M.

    Hastings, NE Planned events for 2014: Tough Mudder Kansas, BRAN 34, Triple Bypass, Gravel Worlds,Tough Mudder Snowmass, Cyclocross Racing & the Market2Market

  3. Jeff R.

    Jeff R.

    Richmond, KY I am currently training for a 5k

  4. Rachel


    Durham, NC acclimate to running in this icky sticky heat (i'm a midwestern girl), and run a marathon this fall.

  5. Auntie E.

    Auntie E.

    Olathe, KS nothing really but am aiming to continue increasing my mileage weekly!

  6. Marcelo V.

    Marcelo V.

    US weight loss and strength development. Preparation for a full left knee replacement. To be a better Dad by being healthy and being a good role model for my son.

  7. Jay


    NJ Its on ash...

  8. Jessica


    Silver Spring, MD To train and compete in 10m race on 4/3/11

  9. John M.

    John M.

    LBI 18 miler, make states for track in the 800m and eventually do a marathon

  10. Nicole U.

    Nicole U.

    Winfield, IN

  11. Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Madison, WI Continue training to be competitive in Cat 5/4 races in 2013. Also 6,000 miles on the bike in 2013.

  12. Shane H.

    Shane H.

    Hickory, NC Just to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life.

  13. Missy O.

    Missy O.

    Indianapolis, IN Eventually complete a marathon and a triathlon

  14. Bryan
  15. Jp M.

    Jp M.

    Winston Salem, NC My goal is to run under a 5 minute mile and to run under a 12 minute 2 mile.

  16. Colby A.

    Colby A.

    I would like to run a minimum of two miles per day.

  17. Jasmine C.

    Jasmine C.

    Gain muscle and be able to run at a 7 minute to 8 minute pace mile!

  18. Bryan T.

    Bryan T.

    Liberty, MO

  19. Phil M.

    Phil M.

    Chicago, IL I want to break 15:55 in the 5k. Break 26:15 for the 8k. Run a sub 48 second 400m. Run everyday starting March 25th, stay humble and be kind of a big deal :)

  20. Fernando G.

    Fernando G.

    Houston, TX I'd like to log 500 miles this year, but know it'll be a stretch. Also would like to get to sub 25' for a 5K.