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  1. Ian M.

    Ian M.

    Leicester, GB marathons and high altitude mountaineering

  2. Murat Can A.

    Murat Can A.

    Ankara, TR run further, climb higher, runtalya 2011 hm

  3. Rebecca S.

    Rebecca S.

    San Jose, CA

  4. Kathy S.

    Kathy S.

    Brentwood, CA Climb El Cap, add another 14er to the Cali 14er summit list (Mt. Russell being quite lonely on the list),

  5. Hypoxic J.

    Hypoxic J.

    Breckenridge, CO 50 miles by foot in September...

  6. Caner O.

    Caner O.

    Istanbul, TR Capadocia UT

  7. Richard B.

    Richard B.

    Leeuwarden, NL getting fit for Kite-season!, Maybe 10k on May 22nd?

  8. Joost B.

    Joost B.

    Half marathon in 1:30

  9. Allen F.

    Allen F.

    New Albany, IN Indiana Trail 100 √ 29:26:17 2014- Recover from shoulder surgery and run lots of pain- free base miles.

  10. Zean V.

    Zean V.

    Quezon City, PH

  11. Mark B.

    Mark B.

    Plymouth, GB

  12. Katie F.

    Katie F.

    Bailey, CO Do another 100k or 100 miler.

  13. Fab


  14. Adam G.

    Adam G.

    Berkeley, CA Ultras, having fun.

  15. Scadi S.

    Scadi S.

    London, GB Stay in shape. Kick some ass occasionally.

  16. Caleb B.

    Caleb B.

    Ville Sur Jarnioux, FR go sub 20 cuz thats like the line between slow and fast.

  17. Greg D.

    Greg D.

    Portland, OR 3:15 Marathon by end of 2011

  18. Evan G.

    Evan G.

    Breckenridge, CO Mountaineering & Caving Goals

  19. Lauren


    Portland, OR Feeling wonderful, climbing mountains, and chasing that horizon. Also 9-minute miles, an Olympic tri, and a Portland marathon. I want to be totally fit at 50!

  20. Lisa W.

    Lisa W.

    Getting ready for the Alps.