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  1. Katherine F.

    Katherine F.

    St Louis, MO - Complete a double century - Complete 4 centuries - Do a shoulder stand in yoga -Ride 3000 miles total

  2. Tim S.

    Tim S.

    Springfield, MO Cross training. Yoga, climbing, swimming, lifting, cycling, trail running. Getting ready for adventure race in May and climbing comp in September.

  3. Jane M.

    Jane M.

    Bakersfield, CA Staying trained up for mountain climbing and half marathons!

  4. Tom M.

    Tom M.

    Bloomington, IN Climbing 5.12 and Bouldering V12 by the end of May

  5. Melissa


    Orlando, FL sub-30, a full marathon, climbing a V4, and do tri's and mountain bike racing

  6. Mike


    Windsor, ON To record my progress with rock climbing and conditioning at the gymnastics gym. Hope my workouts inspire others to "keep on keepin' on"

  7. Kristen N.

    Kristen N.

    Washington, DC not sure yet: 10K Trail series in August, picking up biking again, and climbing...

  8. Michelle M.

    Michelle M.

    Boone, NC train for climbing, lose weight, get in shape

  9. Elwin Van Der G.

    Elwin Van Der G.

    Netherlands, NL All sorts of comp. sports: Adventure racing, Mountain running, Orienteering, Survival runs, (Ice) Climbing.

  10. Andreas M.

    Andreas M.

    China, CN Beijing marathon, triathlon, mountain climbing, mountain stages on bicycle.

  11. Lauren


    Portland, OR Feeling wonderful, climbing mountains, and chasing that horizon. Also 9-minute miles, an Olympic tri, and a Portland marathon. I want to be totally fit at 50!

  12. Casey C.

    Casey C.

    Nashua, NH Running another half-marathon and climbing Mt Rainier again.

  13. Dwain D.

    Dwain D.

    Minneapolis, MN cross training for rock/ ice climbing.

  14. Oliver B.

    Oliver B.

    Glossop, GB Manchester 10k, climbing Mont Blanc and the Great Yorkshire Run.

  15. Sarah H.

    Sarah H.

    Manchester, GB to be fit enough for a cycling trip, a summer of climbing, and to alleviate the damage done by too much drinking after both activities!

  16. Stacey W.

    Stacey W.

    Eugene, OR To run a PR for a half marathon (doable). To run a PR for a 5k (that will be tough). To be fit for skiing, hiking, climbing, biking.

  17. Matt S.

    Matt S.

    London, GB

  18. Erica R.

    Erica R.

    Lincoln, NE my first 5k ... doing that couch to 5k thing to build approach skills for future rock climbing trips.

  19. Haley D.

    Haley D.

    UT Run a marathon, Start trail running, Increase my climbing grade, and actually complete the hundred pushup challenge!