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  1. Mountainplanett


  2. Dillon
  3. Bob


  4. Preston
  5. Denis
  6. Monica R.

    Monica R.

    Seattle, WA be consistent with cardio, run, swim, , yoga, weight train, bike again, and do a Tri in Sept 2014--Oly dist if hip will work, Sprint if not,hike and snow shoe

  7. Brennan


    San Francisco, CA Marin 13.1 // Triathlon // Strength

  8. Greg H.

    Greg H.

    Murfreesboro, TN

  9. Nyna M.

    Nyna M.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY To keep track and improve my fitness level for 2010 through all different workout.

  10. Aimee Lynn O.

    Aimee Lynn O.

    Memphis, TN a 5k at the moment, but just trying to stay in shape after my marathon mainly because i'm going into the coast guard

  11. Marie


    Austin, TX better health, someday a half marathon

  12. John D.

    John D.

    California, MD a healthier lifestyle and the military

  13. Alyssa L.

    Alyssa L.

    Seattle, WA Half Marathon

  14. Dale K.

    Dale K.

    Temple, NH Long race by the fall... marathon or maybe a 50 miler

  15. Vincent


    Rochester, NY body and mind

  16. Pompo A.

    Pompo A.

    Philippines, PH IronDistance in 12 hours 70.3 in 5 hours Olympic distance in 2:30:00 Milo Marathon in 3:45:00

  17. Ginger


    Acworth, GA Lose 47 lbs!! Be consistent with healthy eating & exercise!!

  18. Andrea M.

    Andrea M.

    Lincoln, NE Have fun and stay fit.

  19. Janet V.

    Janet V.

    Woodland Park, CO Just to keep enjoying any and all exercises to stay healthy and strong for the activities I like.

  20. Sandy


    ME better fitness