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  1. Chavon R.

    Chavon R.

    Elgin, TX To be as fit and healthy as I can be using all that I have at my disposal. Clean Eating and working out daily along with my daily dose of Shakeology.

  2. Chrissy B.

    Chrissy B.

    US My goal is to lose more than half my body weight by swimming, walking and weight training. My starting weight is 333lbs.

  3. Kelly H.

    Kelly H.

    Jacksonville, FL Half marathon in 2011 // Squat 150lbs while weighing 150 lbs in 2011 // Lose 20lbs by September 20th

  4. Kgirltris


    IN Triathlete and Coach. I swim like a fish, run like the wind and bike for the hell of it. It is my Love. It is my passion.

  5. Elaine S.

    Elaine S.

    Las Cruces, NM In 2013: Focus on the fun. Play. Diversify. Stretch. Learn to ski, tennis, dance (!), strategize my lifting workouts better... and Ride. My. Bike.

  6. Jessica S.

    Jessica S.

    Naperville, IL My goals are to train for and complete a half marathon this year while raising a family of 2 young girls and a running husband! ;-)

  7. Nia F.

    Nia F.

    Washington, DC Maintain a holistic approach to my own health, create a successful Wellness & Health Coaching practice while fostering health for those I love. Be Well Lioness!

  8. Jonathan


    Jacksonville, FL Get my blue belt in BJJ, become ridiculously strong, and swim a sub-6-minute 500

  9. Kiku


    Shirley, NY Healthy lifestyle

  10. Melissa W.

    Melissa W.

    Guelph, ON I am aiming for 1000 miles in 2013. I have been a runner in the past but haven't been consistent in the recent.

  11. Shannon R.

    Shannon R.

    East Boston, MA I just want to be able to run again without pain or injury.

  12. Amika


    San Ramon, CA Lose weight and gain strength

  13. Tamara B.

    Tamara B.

    Margate, FL Run 500 mi in 2011

  14. Todd G.

    Todd G.

    North Newton, KS Get back in shape, lose enough weight to ponder the idea of running. I don't like the way I feel or look currently. I've done it before and I'll do it again!

  15. Vikki


    I have completed 2 half Marathons.Next on the list is to run a full Marathon.

  16. Sam K.

    Sam K.

    Kansas City, MO Having a toddler makes training tough. I'm trying to establish a new normal and figure out how to train, work, be a good mom and still get some sleep.

  17. Raeanne S.

    Raeanne S.

    Decatur, IL A REAL pull-up!

  18. Sarah W.

    Sarah W.

    Chattanooga, TN Run a half-marathon... one day!

  19. Jessica J.

    Jessica J.

    Kansas City, MO To build up to running between 25-35 miles a week along with a consistent yoga practice.

  20. Melissa K.

    Melissa K.

    Vancouver, BC Complete my next half-marathon sub 01:55:00