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  1. Devon
  2. Harry
  3. Nate R.

    Nate R.

    Montgomery, AL To run and not get hit by a car.

  4. Megan R.

    Megan R.

    My goal is to lose 20-30 pounds, improve my half marathon time below 2 hours, and run my first full marathon within the next year! :)

  5. Bryon


    Colby, WI Train for the Twin Cities Marathon.

  6. Vernie K.

    Vernie K.

    Orleans, IN Weight loss and better health.

  7. Les G.

    Les G.

    Jackson, OH Run faster at all distances.

  8. Myco R.

    Myco R.

    Cainta, PH to more GOD .. :))

  9. Tito Belamide S.

    Tito Belamide S.

    better health

  10. Alan
  11. Adriana C.

    Adriana C.

    Madison, NJ hoping to run a half marathon eventually, but right now focusing on 5 and 10Ks. working on building speed and endurance.

  12. Roger H.

    Roger H.

    Fayetteville, AR I'd like to get to a point where I can do a 3,000 mile cross country bike ride. Perhaps this summer?

  13. Lori S.

    Lori S.


  14. Jim T.

    Jim T.

    Roswell, NM Weight loss and general health.

  15. Clay J.

    Clay J.

    Abilene, TX

  16. Steven G.

    Steven G.

    Calgary, AB To run in a half marathon by /december 2011

  17. Susie S.

    Susie S.

    Austin, TX Run 1212 miles in 2012

  18. Robert L.

    Robert L.

    Philadelphia, PA To Continue to grow as a runner.

  19. Wyspr B.

    Wyspr B.

    Exercise to stay fit and healthy

  20. Leah F.

    Leah F.

    St Albans, WV Run a 5k and lose 40 lbs by September 2013.