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  1. Lloyd
  2. Edward P.

    Edward P.

    Baltimore, MD Finish the Big Sur Marathon , Run a Race as the Cookie Monster, Run a Race as Darth Vader, Run a Race as Deadpool.

  3. Bobbie


    Poughkeepsie, NY Sub-6 mile; sub-20 minute 5K; 3:35 marathon; to be a chin-ups master:)

  4. Lamont
  5. Maureen


    Macomb, MI Po Ho Hot Chocolate run, Lansing marathon relay, Ann Arbor mara, Crim, Woodstock, Kegs & K's & Dances With Dirt.

  6. Liam R.

    Liam R.

    Surfers Paradise Qld, AU 15,000km cycling in 12 months + 1000km of running. Get to 70kg (154lbs) Compete in a few races, and have fun.

  7. Newt
  8. Charles
  9. Simon
  10. Buck
  11. William
  12. Abel
  13. Robin


    Fullerton, CA Simply to get back running after almost a year off with injuries. Easing my way back with a 5K October 3. Gradually will work back up to a marathon again.

  14. Sees C.

    Sees C.

    Carson, CA

  15. Mercy M.

    Mercy M.

    West Sussex, GB Er.. continued existence, is that sufficient?

  16. Eliza


    Pasadena, CA finish my 13th marathon in 2013! 10. Big Sur - done 11. Seattle 12. Portland 13. Marine Corp

  17. Andrea


    Seattle, WA

  18. Audra


    Train for and compete in 1/2 Marathon this year

  19. Buddy
  20. Johann