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  1. Mario
  2. Wm


  3. Pete
  4. Rodrigo
  5. Anthony
  6. Lawrence
  7. Isabella
  8. Scott
  9. Carlos
  10. Nigel
  11. Buck
  12. Alicia D.

    Alicia D.

    Pasadena, CA To get some sleep eventually. Oh, and successfully have a baby, and then qualify for Boston again.

  13. Michael K.

    Michael K.

    Los Angeles, CA 13.1 1/2 Marathon Los Angeles Marathon 3:35

  14. Carrie D.

    Carrie D.

    Las Vegas, NV

  15. Azhar Elmiza A.

    Azhar Elmiza A.

    Melbourne, AU I NEED SUB-3:10 so so so badly!

  16. Stacy D.

    Stacy D.

    Perrysburg, OH To be better than the day before, to always be progressing, and never doubt myself.

  17. Katrina S.

    Katrina S.

    Palo Alto, CA Drop to 18% Body Fat. Do my firsts: 10K Run and 7-miler in 2013. Stay FIT FOR LIFE <3

  18. Katie M.

    Katie M.

    St. Petersburg, FL Have fun, maybe lose some weight, and meet people. #30DaysofBiking

  19. Christina R.

    Christina R.

    Virginia Beach, VA Loose #'s & feel and look great. Be healthy.

  20. Mara C.

    Mara C.

    Kearny, NJ This year of 2013 my goal is to participate in 5ks and 10ks races more often, eventually be ready for a 1/2 marathon. Thank you for the support!!