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  1. Brigitte B.

    Brigitte B.

    Madison, WI 1. Counteract what my sedentary job & long commute do to my body 2. Get in good shape for some serious hiking, canoeing, biking & backpacking 3. Do a pull-up!

  2. Tanyia J.

    Tanyia J.

    Houston, TX Training for the LoneStar sprint Tri

  3. Sean H.

    Sean H.

    Toronto, ON To get off my ass!

  4. Mike P.

    Mike P.

    Saint John, NB marathons, 10 Bostons completed and counting

  5. Beverly B.

    Beverly B.

    Los Angeles, CA Goal race - ING NYC Marathon 2012. Other races on tap -- RNR San Diego, RNR Las Vegas, Nike Women's Marathon, Malibu Marathon. Goal is to stay healthy!

  6. Amy M.

    Amy M.

    Orlando, FL get my groove back after herniated disk.

  7. Paul L.

    Paul L.

    Richmond, VA Fitness and Fun. 50K Trail Run next spring at a decent clip would be nice.

  8. Reuben S.

    Reuben S.

    Nashville, TN Walk / hike 10 miles a week.

  9. Joel


    Shorewood, IL

  10. Suzi K.

    Suzi K.

    Joplin, MO ShamRox 15K - 3/17/12- DONE! Joplin Memorial Run-Half Mary 5/19/12 Summer Round Up Triathlon (Olympic distance)- 6/24/12 Mother Road Half Marathon- 10/14/12

  11. Stephanie M.

    Stephanie M.

    Gainesville, FL IronMan Florida 2010!

  12. Carly C.

    Carly C.

    Alpharetta, GA First marathon Jan 6, 2018.

  13. Michelle E.

    Michelle E.

    US The Rock-N-Roll 1/2 Marathon in Chicago

  14. Scott P.

    Scott P.

    Cartersville, GA Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lauren N.

    Lauren N.

    Louisville, KY My goal is to get physically healthy. I have had so much on my plate recently that I haven't allowed time for my body, so now's the time.

  16. Eve A.

    Eve A.

    I would like to become a healthier person, not just "lose" weight, that would be nice. However that won't matter in the long run, only being healthy matters. :)

  17. Mary


    Seattle, WA 1. Sprint triathlon in 2010 and 2. Do the Seattle Urban Oyster Adventure Race in 2010

  18. Laura K.

    Laura K.

    Mechanicsville, MD fitness

  19. Clem G.

    Clem G.

    White Bear Lake, MN Training for Marathons, Running on my first ULTRA Ragnar team for the Chicago relay. Running the Inaugural Blue Ox marathon and be injury free for 2013

  20. Mark U.

    Mark U.

    Houston, TX To maintain and improve my overall fitness, while training for Texas' 10K's thru marathon races. Hoping to re-qualify for Boston in 2016!