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  1. Earnest
  2. Bob S.

    Bob S.

    Knoxville, TN Boxing and marathons maybe a Tri

  3. Harald J.

    Harald J.

    a late comeback in amateur boxing. Due to regulations I have to quit when I turn 34 in April, so I'm trying to get a last fight or two before that.

  4. John


    Oxfordshire, GB overall fitness/boxing/mma

  5. Joe D.

    Joe D.

    Bernardsville, NJ Boxing is now over. Improve cardio

  6. Nick T.

    Nick T.

    Lawrence, KS I do Judo, Boxing, Strength Sports -- Cardio is important for all of them.

  7. Yutaka H.

    Yutaka H.

    Win a Boxing match. Bigger goal, win golden glove chamionship.

  8. Kat H.

    Kat H.

    Pittston, PA To get back in shape again after my third baby :) I'd like to run one 5k per month and really work on my boxing.

  9. Keith C.

    Keith C.

    To drop enough weight and increase my overall health enough to start BJJ and return to my boxing routine. I'd also like to learn to dance.

  10. Alexander Y.

    Alexander Y.

    San Francisco, CA To cut down fat percentage, be in shape for boxing and basketball, spread awareness about cancer and leukemia, run with and raise money for Run Team Kina!

  11. Osborne
  12. Sarah H.

    Sarah H.

    Run 500 miles in 2016, improve my racing times, keep up with swimming, biking, boxing and yoga

  13. Mayweather G.

    Mayweather G.

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  14. Gerry N.

    Gerry N.

    Pattaya, TH Martial Arts

  15. Mike O.

    Mike O.

    Vancouver, BC

  16. Starlos


    Miami, FL I love to challenge myself...

  17. Tammy W.

    Tammy W.

    Crittenden, KY My Goal to be walking without walker by June 2015. I know its a long shot, But. Doing rehab at home.

  18. Frankie M.

    Frankie M.

    Buda, TX My goal is to be an advocate for health and fitness. I want to stay healthy for my family.

  19. Lucien
  20. Markus