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  1. Manohar D.

    Manohar D.

    Bangalore, IN run half marathon in less than 2 hours time, and to regularly commute to work by bike.

  2. Murray H.

    Murray H.

    US 16 marathons in 2014. #100 in Myrtle Beach Feb 2015. Qualify for Boston with 3:55. Enjoy running and help others!

  3. Annie Y.

    Annie Y.

    Dayton, OH Running a 5k is my goal

  4. Mark C.

    Mark C.

    Philippines, PH A well-defined athletic frame...

  5. Kim A.

    Kim A.

    Worcester, MA Trail Running Races

  6. Kathy H.

    Kathy H.

    Missoula, MT 1000+ miles in 2017. Trifecta in 2018.

  7. David V.

    David V.

    North Apollo, PA Six pack and marathon running

  8. Gina J.

    Gina J.

    Los Angeles, CA Maintain exercising at least 3x/wk for life!

  9. Linda


    Good health and weight loss.

  10. Jeffrey G.

    Jeffrey G.

    San Francisco, CA General Fitness, keeping moving, get out in the world, smile at strangers along the way.

  11. Mitchell L.

    Mitchell L.

    Lansing, MI To maintain good health, stimulate mind and body, explore communities, bond with others, and reduce my carbon footprint through human-powered locomotion

  12. Mia C.

    Mia C.

    I've already met my weight loss goal (50lbs from highest) and now want to tone up. I want to complete a 5K by running the entire time.

  13. Imelda N.

    Imelda N.

    Toronto, ON to run my first Marathon in Chicago this year! Also, try not to get injured along the way...

  14. Ian Key S.

    Ian Key S.

    Abilene, TX

  15. Bradford S.

    Bradford S.

    Go Far Fast!

  16. Kevin N.

    Kevin N.

    To run 10K at a 10/min pace. To run a half-marathon at any pace

  17. Sharon M.

    Sharon M.

    Tallahassee, FL Build from regular hiking to a-5K run (without dying or wishing I were dead) by the end of March, 2012. Build up cardio and strength for a summer of kayaking.

  18. Jake
  19. Peter F.

    Peter F.

    Palm Desert, CA 100 miles/week

  20. Christy Y.

    Christy Y.

    Anchorage, AK Run! Beat Cancer! Be Alive! Raise money and awareness! PR: 5K: 22:12 10K: 47:12 13.1: 1:45:09 26.2: 3:47:22 49K: 5:18:12