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  1. Dylan


    OH Tough Mudder, Cap City Half, TOSRV, Mohican 100. The Gauntlet is a maybe, as is Peru...

  2. Katy O.

    Katy O.

    Minneapolis, MN I just want to ride

  3. Randy
  4. Leandro
  5. Rose
  6. Alec
  7. Addie
  8. Jerry H.

    Jerry H.

    Tulsa, OK Goal = To get myself back in shape for longer runs on my bikes. To do more focusing on my Cadence with the hopes of strengthening my speeds and consistencey.

  9. Peter B.

    Peter B.

    Watertown, SD As I've been obese most of my life, my heaviest around 360lbs, my new goal is to be a fit, mobile, agile, good looking, force of kick assery. Also, I like bikes

  10. B R.

    B R.

    Austin, TX To feel as young as I can and focus on happiness and having a full and long life.

  11. Timo
  12. Alancampbell645
  13. Rush
  14. Fernando
  15. James S.

    James S.

    New York, NY

  16. Jack


    Wildomar, CA 1000 bike miles in one year

  17. Bike S.

    Bike S.

    Tulsa, OK Bike Soup provides bike repairs, operates a bicycle delivery service, and lobbies Tulsa City Council for more bike-friendly public spaces.

  18. Tom M.

    Tom M.

    Reading, PA

  19. Robert B.

    Robert B.

    Erie, PA Earn at least 2000 miles before the end of the year... any means necessary!

  20. Chris S.

    Chris S.

    Wolverhampton, GB Olympic triathlon and remain injury free