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  1. Jim W.

    Jim W.

    Charleston, SC Myrtle Beach Marathon

  2. Tenny A.

    Tenny A.

    Madison, WI Endurance rides - HHH, Dairyland Dare; Running - Madison Marathon (1/2)

  3. Ruslan


    Lancaster, GB

  4. Billy J.

    Billy J.

    Chicago, IL Ride a multiple day ride, of a few hundred miles.

  5. Kirin M.

    Kirin M.

    US Trail half marathon in June 2014

  6. Caroline M.

    Caroline M.

    NH Signed up for Millennium Running's Elliot series, including my first half-marathon in October 2015.

  7. Bill P.

    Bill P.

    Brandon, FL Lose weight, get healthy, enjoy the outdoors

  8. Dee N.

    Dee N.

    Vancouver, BC To stay active, daily, in my favourite endurance sports. (I've been putting my newer long-term relationship and taking care of kids ahead of my workouts).

  9. Dave M.

    Dave M.

    Willoughby, OH Run my first marathon.

  10. Jonathan B.

    Jonathan B.

    Welwyn Garden City, GB

  11. Jonas James W.

    Jonas James W.

    Ride hard all day, Eat pizza all night.

  12. Adam B.

    Adam B.

    Leeds, GB Do what I can when I can.

  13. Dennis