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  1. Stealth Bomber B.

    Stealth Bomber B.

    EBike-Stealth Bomber Bike & Stealth Bomber Electric Bike | (001) 417-986-0123 | |

  2. Robert C.

    Robert C.

    London, GB On Your Bike specializes in bike repair services in London with cycle hire facility since 1983.

  3. Shari R.

    Shari R.

    Naperville, IL 3 half-marathons this season (1 down, 2 to go), Horribly Hilly Hundred bike event, Race the Lake bike race, Bike Psychos Double Metric.

  4. Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Ponca City, OK To get back into shape and ride the bike most of the time, except for long trips that take me far from home, but to take the bike with me when I do travel too!

  5. Gene B.

    Gene B.

    Columbia, MO Bike to work More, get ready for longer bike trips.

  6. Kate U.

    Kate U.

    Toronto, ON health and fitness. I think I want to do a duathlon sprint in Aug... 5k run 20k bike 5k run. Also either Toronto Waterfront half, or the Cape to Cabot this fall

  7. Angelica C.

    Angelica C.

    Corpus Christi, TX Beach to Bay and San Antonio Half marathon. Also like to do bike rides.

  8. Chanel C.

    Chanel C.

    to get some decent miles in to hopefully rock an AIDS LifeCycle bike :)

  9. Dianne


    Tampa, FL Run bike swim 300 race miles a year in their gear to honor our deployed and fallen and finish above the bottom 5 in my age group

  10. Matthew F.

    Matthew F.

    Long Beach, CA to learn how to run one mile under 12 minutes and to become a super-lame spandex wearing bike fag.

  11. Deb


    Arlington, VA Someday: a month long bike tour in Australia.

  12. Bill J.

    Bill J.

    Mystic, CT New Haven 20K!

  13. Douglas S.

    Douglas S.

    Ossining, NY Runner, cyclist, triathlete & athletic trainer who will be riding my bike coast to coast unsupported & self funded this summer to raise awareness & $ for TBI

  14. Aaron D.

    Aaron D.

    Kansas City, MO To live, i weigh 265 and im 5'8 so i need to loose weight to live.

  15. Randy I.

    Randy I.

    NC Commute to work as many times as I can. 2013: top 500 of the National Bike Challenge

  16. Steve S.

    Steve S.

    Escondido, CA Get back to Ironman shape.

  17. Col B.

    Col B.

    Ireland, IE to ride a bike of some description on any terrain 5 days per week and try and be happy and smile every day.

  18. Thomas T.

    Thomas T.

    Lancaster, PA swim a lot, bike a lot, and run alot!

  19. Amber F.

    Amber F.

    Fort Worth, TX 2012 goals: Half mara/Feb, Full mara/Apr, MS150 (both days this year), and hit that 100 mile mark on my bike. I also want to reach my goal weight this year.

  20. A J W.

    A J W.

    Santa Monica, CA to lift the world. literally, i want to be able to lift the world over my head and do 10 reps. Also, the ability to outrun a zombie when the apocalypse hits.