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  1. Kevin G.

    Kevin G.

    Inverness, FL Bicycling Running Kayaking

  2. Elisa B.

    Elisa B.

    Houston, TX Beginner starting up my work out routine. Looking for walking and/or bicycling partner.

  3. David K.

    David K.

    Austin, TX At least 1 hr cardio everyday till feb 14th, 2013! Mostly bicycling and swimming! Want to build stronger legs and lost some fat, add some muscle.

  4. Nicole D.

    Nicole D.

    I don't like running, but bicycling is my thing. :)

  5. Maynard
  6. Fred F.

    Fred F.

    Durham, NH

  7. Rob C.

    Rob C.

    Newton, MA whatever's next.

  8. Joe C.

    Joe C.

    TX 9 hours a week on the bike, at least 2 days of higher intensity, No two days off in a row.

  9. Geoff H.

    Geoff H.

    Olathe, KS Complete a century ride.

  10. Jesse M.

    Jesse M.

    Crawfordsville, IN A better, healthier life. Also want to switch to bicycle for commuting 100%.

  11. Lynette M.

    Lynette M.


  12. Karen P.

    Karen P.

    Murfreesboro, TN 2nd Country Music Half Marathon April 2011, Triathalon June 2012 hopefully

  13. Yogesh R.

    Yogesh R.

    Bangalore, IN Happy and that order. Everything else is gravy!

  14. Ron K.

    Ron K.

    Dunnellon, FL to get fit & meet people.

  15. Matt M.

    Matt M.

    Salinas, CA my goal is to come up with the perfect goal... but in the meantime i'd like to get a 3 mile under twenty minutes :O

  16. Adam K.

    Adam K.

    Marysville, PA Vengeance

  17. Michael O.

    Michael O.

    WI American Birkebeiner, Blue Mound Trail Run

  18. Taylor M.

    Taylor M.

    Torrance, CA Toning my body and giving some shape to my butt. Nothing much.

  19. Dustin V.

    Dustin V.

    Waupaca, WI Get healthy and stay healthy. Just enjoy the miles and not stress about performance. I'd like to get back to where I was in 2013-or at least close.

  20. Meghan A.

    Meghan A.

    San Francisco, CA Run in 6 organized runs this year