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  1. Tonya L.

    Tonya L.

    Montgomery, AL 5K (again!)

  2. Elizabeth A.

    Elizabeth A.

    Grand Rapids, MI Run the Grand Rapids Marathon on October 19, 2009 in under 5 hours.

  3. Karen


    Eagle, ID Be healthy. Maintain fitness for life's necessities.

  4. Lynn K.

    Lynn K.

    Naperville, IL Cross the Naperville Half Marathon with a smile on my face and feelin' fine (after recovering from a broken pelvic ring and not able to run for months!)

  5. Karen H.

    Karen H.

    Mission Viejo, CA Staying in shape!

  6. Marti B.

    Marti B.

    Bakersfield, CA Half Ironman in Victoria BC June 17th

  7. Malissa S.

    Malissa S.

    Australia, AU is to lose to lose 50 lbs and live a long, healthy life.

  8. Elizabeth B.

    Elizabeth B.

    Glendale, WI Door County 70.3, IM Maryland 140.6, Assistant Coach RUHS MNT club, Coach RUHS Triathlon Team

  9. Janis H.
  10. Chuck A.

    Chuck A.

    Bakersfield, CA Had to slow down on the running due to Parkinson's disease. Have 2 half-marathons in my past. Love to run barefoot!

  11. Cheri M.

    Cheri M.

    Urbana, IL To be able to RUN a 5K.

  12. Janet M.

    Janet M.

    Bellingham, WA New Goal! Run 12 Half Marathons in 12 consecutive months. (7 done so far!)

  13. Ambrosia D.

    Ambrosia D.

    Hutchinson, MN Ultimately it is to lower my BMI into a healthy zone. I want to lower my disease risk and live a healthy lifestyle. Loosing 75lbs wouldn't hurt either.

  14. Tanya


    Hastings, MN 10K - Spring 2012

  15. Diana G.

    Diana G.

    Harlingen, TX Run with endurance the path that is before me. Never give up, Honor God and family and physically.

  16. Collin
  17. Jenny G.
  18. Pablo
  19. Elaine J.

    Elaine J.

    Harvey, LA To lose 70 pounds and continue to walk everyday for exercise and good health.

  20. Stefan