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  1. Robin


    Saskatoon, SK my heart....and health....and ultimately a few half marathons next year (at least 4) and as many small ones I can do...little victories for this girl!! ;)

  2. Kathy S.

    Kathy S.

    Brentwood, CA Climb El Cap, add another 14er to the Cali 14er summit list (Mt. Russell being quite lonely on the list),

  3. Sara K.

    Sara K.

    Zachary, LA Get in shape! Run some races and maybe do a triathalon here or there.

  4. Angela M.

    Angela M.

    Denver, PA Run my first half marathon this March. Get my times faster on my 5K's and trail runs Lose a few lbs and tighten and tone! :)

  5. Maggie F.

    Maggie F.

    Shawnee, KS Eating better, and being more active!

  6. Rekha G.

    Rekha G.

    Palo Alto, CA Was an athlete growing up and wish to continue being one till the end

  7. Nicole S.

    Nicole S.

    Rice Lake, WI Run a 1/2 marathon some day :)

  8. Sandra G.

    Sandra G.

    Yikes...qualify for Boston, run an ultra, do a sprint triathlon, hike the Grand Canyon, do the Bataan Death March, Run the entire St Jude Springfield to Peoria

  9. Beth D.

    Beth D.

    Los Angeles, CA I would like to run a marathon at some point, but am starting toward a half marathon first.

  10. Kara C.

    Kara C.

    Charlotte, NC Run a 10 Miler in April and Marathon in the Fall.

  11. Mari-Elena


    Chicago, IL marathon

  12. Scherie G.

    Scherie G.

    To build my strength and flexibility

  13. Heather S.

    Heather S.

    Duluth, MN To finish my first marathon.

  14. Tori S.

    Tori S.

    To run the race that is set before me, both in my physical and spiritual life.

  15. Erin L.

    Erin L.

    Chicago, IL

  16. Sarah M.

    Sarah M.

    Denver, CO Set an example of healthy living for my kids

  17. Katie R.
  18. Kendal T.

    Kendal T.

    CA To get fit! To run with my sister in 10k races! Possibly do the RTO some day!

  19. Beth B.

    Beth B.

    Cincinnati, OH to run a half marathon in 2012.

  20. Shelly E.

    Shelly E.

    Nashville, TN to tone up and loss my "softness"