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  1. Elisa W.

    Elisa W.

    Erda, UT I want to walk faster and be fit all over. I want to be able to jog a mile and not have my knees hurt, so I am very slowly adding jogging time in.

  2. Kristen W.

    Kristen W.

    Belvidere, IL To be fit and active and love life! I would like to have fun.

  3. Amanda W.

    Amanda W.

    Kearney, NE I want to be able to run a 1/2 marathon by May. I haven't really been into running that much growing up. I think now's the time to start!

  4. Vasanth N.

    Vasanth N.

    San Diego, CA Goals for 2013: Sub 25m- 5k Sub 50m - 10k Sub 2h - 1/2 marathon Finish my first full marathon Hit 1000 miles for the year or better still 100 miles a month

  5. Kat


    Tampa Bay, FL, USA 6 halfs in 6 months, 13+ races in 2013, and a full marathon in the fall!

  6. Mike S.
  7. Jhon A.
  8. Loic L.

    Loic L.

    San Francisco, CA

  9. Bob B.

    Bob B.

    Newport News, VA Rock N Roll Marathon 2009

  10. Christie K.

    Christie K.

    Clarksville, TN To run for fun and keep my weight in check. I'll run a few races, but not too many. I want to run only races that are good, close by, and/or new (to me.)

  11. Wendy J.

    Wendy J.

    Cary, NC ITU Long Course World Champs in July 2012; Qualify to return to Vermont and make Team USA in Olympic Distance; Run my first Marathon

  12. Jess


    Lima, PE New York City Marathon - 2013. Also, looking for females, in Lima, who would like to run/train around the Pentagonito with me - preferably in English.

  13. Vince L.

    Vince L.

    Vassar, MI I'm training for that next great event in life. Whatever it may be. :)

  14. David


    Pittsburgh, PA What do you think?

  15. Kristin T.

    Kristin T.

    Kansas City, MO Get healthy, stay motivated, turn 40 awesome.

  16. Erica B.

    Erica B.

    Reno, NV To be able to run and forget I'm running :)

  17. Ellen T.

    Ellen T.

    To be healthy and constantly active in my daily life :)

  18. Katy O.

    Katy O.

    Minneapolis, MN I just want to ride

  19. Markus Z.

    Markus Z.

    Titusville, FL Iron Man in 2013

  20. Evelyn


    Woodbridge, VA Improve on speed and endurance.