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  1. Rachel L.

    Rachel L.

    Everett, WA To run a 5K by May 8th at the Kirkland Half Marathon and to be healthy and fit!

  2. Kat


    Tampa Bay, FL, USA 6 halfs in 6 months, 13+ races in 2013, and a full marathon in the fall!

  3. Sara R.

    Sara R.

    Vandalia, IL Bodybuilding, cardio and clean eating have become my lifestyle. I could always work a lil harder or eat a lil cleaner tho, so my goal is to never quit trying!

  4. Ellie S.

    Ellie S.

    Bettendorf, IA Beet last years PR in xc, get in shape for the season to come, win races, be healthy, become an amazing runner!

  5. Tess


    Killeen, TX Run a half marathon in February.