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  1. Brenda H.

    Brenda H.

    Sheridan, OR To be healthy and fit and strong. Find balance in my life one running ...trotting ..loping step at a time

  2. Janet C.
  3. Amy C.

    Amy C.

    Temecula, CA My goal is to run a marathon in March 2013!!! 2 weeks before Ragnar SoCal! F*** yeah!

  4. Kara H.

    Kara H.

    Cedar Rapids, IA Pigman Long Course (Half Ironman)

  5. Kristen W.

    Kristen W.

    Belvidere, IL To be fit and active and love life! I would like to have fun.

  6. Becky B.

    Becky B.

    Orlando, FL Lose weight, get healthy, run more than I walk, and to end 2014 healthier than I started.

  7. Stephanie S.

    Stephanie S.

    Garden Grove, CA Half Marathon!

  8. Kate L.

    Kate L.

    Nashville, TN Runner, walker, interval-er... all for fun and maintenance of my health!

  9. Jason D.

    Jason D.

    Chicago, IL To sign up for Ironman Wisconsin 2014 and do a spring 70.3 under 4:30.

  10. Ashley


    Chandler, AZ