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  1. Carlos C.

    Carlos C.

    Victoria, BC To keep running into my nineties.

  2. Merlin
  3. Jonathan P.

    Jonathan P.

    San Diego, CA losing weight and being a better cyclist.

  4. Brandon G.

    Brandon G.

    Aurora, CO To break 1100 Miles.

  5. Sharalee S.

    Sharalee S.

    to move around and not be fat ass anymore. really, i sit all day and it's quickly showing! i want to be fit & healthy again, whatever that entails

  6. Casher H.

    Casher H.

    Alexandria, VA Signed up for the 2013 Marine Corp Marathon!

  7. Ultra Doug

    Ultra Doug

    Shrewsbury, MA Wapack and Back 50, Great Cranberry Island 50k, TARC 100 and Vermont 50 (sub-10 hours)... 2013 BIG YEAR!

  8. Tim D.

    Tim D.

    Eugene, OR the next race

  9. Brian F.

    Brian F.

    Burlington, VT My goal is to have cycled my first century and competed in my first sprint distance triathalon by summer's end.

  10. Peter K.

    Peter K.

    Cedar Rapids, IA

  11. Kelly M.

    Kelly M.

    Chicago, IL

  12. Keith W.

    Keith W.

    Tucson, AZ 24 minute 5k 55 minute 10k 6:30 mile

  13. Guillermo
  14. Katie C.

    Katie C.

    Flying Pig Marathon in under 4 hours

  15. The G.

    The G.

    Akron, Ohio Brewing beer at home has been seeing a surge in popularity since the laws changed in 1978, making it easier to do so.

  16. Ethel P.
  17. Angel O.
  18. Lincoln A.
  19. Kirstie J.
  20. Tommy D.

    Tommy D.

    Marietta, GA Maintain 175 lbs and look like I did on my honeymoon