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  1. Krissie P.

    Krissie P.

    Philadelphia, PA Run for beer, beer for running. :)

  2. Jenny J.

    Jenny J.

    US Beer Steins sold with the Beer Stein Shop are guaranteed to be Handmade and Hand Painted completely in Germany by highly skilled potters.

  3. Tim C.

    Tim C.

    Milwaukee, WI Run, drink beer:

  4. Angel O.
  5. Silas
  6. Mossygirl


    PR a 5k (under 27 mins) Run home from work - 15 hilly ass miles! Half Marathon Fanatic

  7. Ernie B.

    Ernie B.

    Portland, OR Have fun and meet great people.

  8. Nick F.

    Nick F.

    Columbus, OH 50 Marathons in 50 States with a specially chosen beer at each finish (Finished VA, MI, NC, IN, MD, CA, OH, NH: 42 to go)

  9. Jack C.

    Jack C.

    Vallejo, CA To lose some weight and shape up. Okay, honestly, to be able to run enough to offset my love for beer.

  10. Bill T.

    Bill T.

    Dallas, TX Eat Pizza, Drink Beer and Still Lose Weight

  11. Chris A.

    Chris A.

    Chico, CA beer

  12. Simplp


    Frederick, MD Lose weight, be fit and still drink beer. Also training for 1st half marathon.

  13. John C.

    John C.

    Los Angeles, CA Collect as many race t-shirts and have a beer after a race. 10K under 55 mins. 1/2 Marathon under 2 hours. Full Marathon under 4 hours and 30 minutes

  14. Ben M.

    Ben M.

    Pasadena, MD To not have to buy new pants and to be able to enjoy a guilt free cheese burger and a good beer now and then.

  15. Scooter H.

    Scooter H.

    Fort Worth, TX To lose some of this fu¬Ękin beer weight.

  16. K Tanner B.

    K Tanner B.

    Palm City, FL Obey the Rules, suffer as much as possible, drink obscure and expensive beer, and drink my espresso black.

  17. Mike A.

    Mike A.

    Highland Park, NJ run far and fast, win, drink beer, repeat.

  18. Julius M.

    Julius M.

    Bremerton, WA 2,012 miles in 2012!!! Increase fitness, lose some weight, and boost my positive mental attitude.

  19. Michael K.

    Michael K.

    Fairfax, VA I would like to run a 5k in June, and continue training until I am a regular 10k runner once more.

  20. Rebecca


    Denver, CO My beer drinking compadre signed up for a half, and I decided to train with him. Freep 1/2 the week of my birthday...?