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  1. Bears G.

    Bears G.

    US Chicago Bears Game Today - Live Stream, TV Schedule and more #Bears #BearsFootball #BearsGame

  2. Willard
  3. Toby
  4. Hardy
  5. Dana
  6. Abe


  7. Duke
  8. Morgan
  9. Tracey
  10. Antoine
  11. Matthew S.

    Matthew S.

    Ocala, FL Complete a 50k, Finish a marathon in under 4 hours - DONE, finish a Half in 1:45, Finish a 10k in 45:00, finish a 5k in under 21:00

  12. Linda R.

    Linda R.

    Lafayette, CO Pick up the pace. Go the distance. Spring and summer were rough. Hoping for a few faster, longer runs in the fall and winter.

  13. Rhea T.

    Rhea T.

    Calgary, AB

  14. Mehmet Y.

    Mehmet Y.

    London, GB quit smoking @ feb 2010 first run was a 800 meters ended up panting heavily like a golden f'cking retriever now doing 20k's and aiming for a marathon in Oct.

  15. Jaymar M.

    Jaymar M.

    Kadena Cho, JP A poker tournament

  16. Brett H.

    Brett H.

    Madison, WI Marathon Next Spring!! Also, want to buy a bike probably a crossover type bike or hybrid not for racing but just a good bike to ride around the city.Suggestions

  17. Jackie D.

    Jackie D.

    Houston, TX San Antonio RnR 1/2, Fiesta Bowl 1/2, PF Chang's RnR 1/2, the Chevron Houston Full, New Orlean's RnR 1/2, and possibly Dallas RnR full

  18. Susan M.

    Susan M.

    Chicago, IL Lose weight and learn to love running! Might have my eye on a half or a marathon somewhere down the line... :)

  19. Joanie H.

    Joanie H.

    Centreville, VA For 2012: get back in the shape I was in as of April 2011, the weight I was as of June 2010, and be better than I was before!

  20. Glenda J.

    Glenda J.

    Meycauayan, PH