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  1. Aimee S.

    Aimee S.

    AR Running is my first love. I'm a 5k - Ultra Marathon gal. Boston Qualifier. Pilates, Booty Barre & Spin Instructor.

  2. Luther O.
  3. Physique 57 F.

    Physique 57 F.

    Hampton Township, PA

  4. Marissa A.

    Marissa A.

    Westminster, CA 26.2 Miles

  5. Kat T.

    Kat T.

    Kirkland, WA Need a new goal! Finished a half marathon this year. What is next??

  6. Kate S.

    Kate S.

    Baltimore, MD CHICAGO MARATHON 2017

  7. Grace C.

    Grace C.

    Los Angeles, CA To live an active, healthy life :0)

  8. Kristina D.

    Kristina D.

    Somerville, MA 24:00 5K, 50:00 10K, 1:25:00 10M, 1:55:00 HM

  9. Ash


    Arlington, VA

  10. Lucy B.

    Lucy B.

    Chapel Hill, NC beat my Tar Heel Ten-Miler time from last year

  11. Allie



  12. Natalie G.
  13. Melissa


    New York, NY Run three half marathons and PR in the Hamptons, plus run the NYC Marathon. The profile pic is in Labadee,Haiti on won of my favorite runs ever.

  14. Ally G.

    Ally G.

    Charlotte, NC Just ran my first half marathon in April 2011, would love to improve my time & run a few more. Ultimate goal: to complete the Boston. Eventually.

  15. Lynnette L.

    Lynnette L.

    Los Angeles, CA

  16. Figen
  17. Angelique M.

    Angelique M.

    New York, NY To be fit.

  18. Kelly A.

    Kelly A.

    Boston, MA

  19. Jessica


    Lose 10 lbs (and stop eating so much chocolate).

  20. Courtney Renee K.

    Courtney Renee K.

    Westminster, CA