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  1. Myckel B.

    Myckel B.

    Loenen Aan De Vecht, NL Run an Ultra Marathon Barefoot Make the world aware how shoes influence your walking gait and health and the benefits of barefoot walking and running

  2. Caity M.

    Caity M.

    Oceano, CA Running barefoot to have fun and stay fit... and working toward a marathon PR. Training for a 1/2-marathon in October (City to Sea in San Luis Obispo, CA).

  3. Mihaela


    Increase my barefoot fitness so I can comfortably run a half-marathon barefoot and be able to run through the winter.

  4. Diana G.

    Diana G.

    Ireland, IE Improve my barefoot running, ditch the minimalist shoes more often and increase barefoot miles. Also run at least 1 mile for every day of the year.

  5. Barefoot Damon

    Barefoot Damon

    Placentia, CA Become overall more physically fit (not just running). Regular resistance/circuit training routine. Practice yoga. Barefoot trail runs. Enjoy life!

  6. Chris F.

    Chris F.

    Bolton, UK My goal is to run injury free. I am running barefoot more and more and am attempting a 100 day barefoot runstreak.

  7. Justin H.

    Justin H.

    Aylesbury, GB To complete a Barefoot Full marathon

  8. David B.

    David B.

    Vancouver, BC Working up to running a marathon barefoot. Ran a 10K race, so next step is 15K.

  9. Jeff M.

    Jeff M.

    Milwaukee, WI my health. Increasing the distance I can run and just generally enjoying running! Also working on barefoot running.

  10. Jason T.

    Jason T.

    Indianapolis, IN >1000 mi. of running; >125 mi. barefoot [√ 8-Sep]; fewer consecutive running days; x-train more; kids' marathon with boys; run during vacation with wife [√ 3x]

  11. Kirsten L.

    Kirsten L.

    Rocklin, CA Swim . Bike . Run (Love Barefoot running & Trail Running & Triathlons). Goal to keep doing till I'm in my 90s. 2012 goal an Olympic Triathlon & 1/2 marathon

  12. Ren S.

    Ren S.

    Reminderville, OH Staying Alive. Race 5k, 10k barefoot. Hopefully run Half and full Marathon or even Ultra. Currently Trail running.

  13. Brad W.

    Brad W.

    Northbridge, MA I love running trails and I love barefoot as much as possible. I'd love to run a 50K some day.

  14. Charles R.

    Charles R.

    WI I love yoga, barefoot running, playing basketball, and liftin weights. My goal is to train so that I can defeat Batman.

  15. Lorena G.

    Lorena G.

    Monterrey, MX barefoot 10k (done!), barefoot 15k, barefoot 21k

  16. Kayvan S.

    Kayvan S.

    San Jose, CA Marathons. Barefoot running.

  17. Kalen


    Philadelphia, PA Become Barefoot Master, Moonlighting Vigilante, and Parkour Wannabe...all while taking myself totally seriously ;-)

  18. Angie Bee H.

    Angie Bee H.

    Des Moines, IA Barefoot running happy and coaching others to do the same.

  19. Dean E.

    Dean E.

    Manito, IL health and fitness and the joy of running barefoot--

  20. Charlene J.

    Charlene J.

    Minneapolis, MN Transition to pure barefoot running, 5k this summer, 10K in a year!