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  1. Felix
  2. Adrian W.

    Adrian W.

    กรุงเทพมหานคร, TH Lose Weight and Improve my Badminton skills

  3. Sales T.

    Sales T.

    Indonesia be a profesional badminton player

  4. Kevin
  5. Thomas
  6. Axel
  7. Samuel
  8. Chandra Sekhar K.

    Chandra Sekhar K.

    Bangalore, IN To do 100km Ultra, singapore triathlon

  9. Wilbert L.

    Wilbert L.

    Quezon City, PH another full marathon - 4:30

  10. Tanyia J.

    Tanyia J.

    Houston, TX Training for the LoneStar sprint Tri

  11. Suresh K.

    Suresh K.

    Bangalore, IN To run a marathon in sub 5 hrs ,say between 4:30-5hrs in 2014 atleast and reach 100,000kms in this lifetime

  12. Paul Terry W.

    Paul Terry W.

    Austin, TX weight loss, strength, agility, performance

  13. Ravichandran R.

    Ravichandran R.

    Laurel, MD Baltimore Full Marathon 2011 want to finish under 5 hrs

  14. Stu G.

    Stu G.

    St Thomas, ON 800 metre in under 2 minutes. 5km in sub 16:00. 30km in sub 2 hours. Marathon in sub 3 hours.

  15. Kathryn K.

    Kathryn K.

    Minnetonka, MN To not get fat

  16. Ying-Che H.

    Ying-Che H.

    Fengyuan City, TW 2/16超馬嘉年華2h30k, 2/24高雄全馬, 3/10北馬櫻花全馬, 3/24高美濕地全馬, 4/14鎮西堡超馬100k, 全馬破3!

  17. Kcc0921


    Tainan City, TW TO LOSE WEIGHT !!!

  18. Jeff K.

    Jeff K.

    Florenceville Bristol, NB Fitness

  19. Fanny Julia C.

    Fanny Julia C.

    London, GB Just enjoy sport!

  20. Carol T.

    Carol T.

    Singapore, SG want to clock a better timing..