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  1. Autism U.

    Autism U.

    Salt Lake City, UT The following are a few of the Autism United objectives: Raise autistic awareness, Bring together a community of people dealing with Autism

  2. Tina M.

    Tina M.

    Cincinnati, OH To be the girl with the most T-shirts and bling as I raise Autism Awareness.

  3. Megan M.

    Megan M.

    Lunenburg, NS To continue to improve my fitness so I an be a better horse trainer, rider, and a better back rider for the children with autism I work with!

  4. Ross
  5. Elias
  6. Jacques D.

    Jacques D.

    Melbourne, AU

  7. Christian H.

    Christian H.

    Akron, OH 1:49 Half Mary 4:10 Marathon

  8. Alex
  9. Jarrett
  10. Roger
  11. Otto
  12. Pete
  13. Amanda


    Scotiabank half marathon

  14. Greg S.

    Greg S.

    Solon, OH One foot in front of the other. Without tripping.

  15. Julie C.

    Julie C.

    Clinton, MA get back into shape and do another ultra; if all goes well I may try to do a sprint tri or two in the summer of 2016 - it's been a very long time

  16. Kimberly F.

    Kimberly F.

    Chesapeake, VA 2015!!! Goal: 600 miles.

  17. Silky S.

    Silky S.

    Audubon, NJ Lose 10 lbs. and get activated, energized, motivated.

  18. Carrie Lynn J.

    Carrie Lynn J.

    To get healthy and loose as much weight as I can.

  19. Karla A.

    Karla A.

    To be in good enough shape to take a hiking trip or something similar such as hiking through Israel.

  20. Denise W.

    Denise W.

    Las Vegas, NV Marathon - once. 10k in my sleep, all the time.