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  1. Matt E.

    Matt E.

    Arlington, VA Started the c25k program on 12/8/10, been running 3 to 5 miles/run since mid-2011. Current goal is just to keep on keeping on.

  2. Brian P.

    Brian P.

    Albuquerque, NM Complete the Grand Slam of Ultra Running.

  3. Prasanna S.

    Prasanna S.

    Fairlawn, OH Run to stay fit and continue staying in shape.

  4. Melvin P.

    Melvin P.

    Manila, PH To try and finish Bohol 226within 14 hours this year.

  5. Britt Z.

    Britt Z.

    Washington, DC Being able to run again would be pretty cool.

  6. Lindsey R.

    Lindsey R.

    Clemson, SC Prepare myself the best I can for Marathon #2. Get baller at triathlons!

  7. Dante B.

    Dante B.

    Los Angeles, CA I want to run another marathon within the next 18 months (by mid-2017); for now, I'll be happy with general fitness goals and keeping my weight below 200 lbs!

  8. Kelly J.

    Kelly J.

    Camden, NJ good health

  9. Angela V.

    Angela V.

    Big Rapids, MI 25K this spring. first I need to work out the kink in my right leg. (ITB)

  10. Champ


    Cebu, PH

  11. Jeddah M.

    Jeddah M.

    Cavite, PH

  12. Francis F.

    Francis F.

    Quezon City, PH To run at least the half marathon by mid 2012 and if God permits run the full mary by end of 2012.

  13. Michelle J.

    Michelle J.

    Owatonna, MN Getting ready to run across the US this summer, ski the Birkie, and maybe do another marathon in the fall if I'm feeling up for it :)

  14. Stephen


    Oakland, CA Personal goals: weekly long runs on trail in the 20ish mi. range; occasional races. DailyMile goals: just reminding people occasionally how awesome they are.

  15. Jessica L.

    Jessica L.

    WI Being happy, getting healthy, and running as long as I can. Two half marathons in 2011 - PR 2:27! Full marathon 10/7/12 - 5:58!

  16. Daniela V.

    Daniela V.


  17. Josh D.

    Josh D.

    Chicago, IL Enjoy the run.