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  1. Dave F.

    Dave F.

    Toronto, ON To enjoy each run, as part of a longer term plan, to improve my 10 Km time and to keep improving towards a 3-hour marathon.

  2. Bill A.
  3. Jeffrey
  4. Rob


  5. Ashley H.

    Ashley H.

    San Diego, CA

  6. Lydia C.

    Lydia C.

    Eugene, OR After 2 marathons I'm finally running a half marathon with a finish time goal between 2hrs and 2.5hrs

  7. Tanyia J.

    Tanyia J.

    Houston, TX Training for the LoneStar sprint Tri

  8. Christopher B.

    Christopher B.

    Norfolk, VA Trying to get back up to 5 miles a day, with a weight loss goal of 15lbs. Mostly just a personal well-being thing, though.

  9. Shannon M.

    Shannon M.

    Leiden, NL My goal is to network with runners to learn methods and techniques that I can use to improve my running performance and health.

  10. Troy F.

    Troy F.

    Mc Kinney, TX Get Faster! - Barefoot! - Run 2nd Marathon - Tri? - Ultra?

  11. Rob W.

    Rob W.

    Lincoln, GB

  12. Rildo Polycarpo O.

    Rildo Polycarpo O.

    João Pessoa, BR Half Marathon

  13. Pat J.

    Pat J.

    Suwon Si, KR Run a marathon!

  14. Karen A.

    Karen A.

    San Antonio, TX Rock & Roll half marathon and not burn out after!

  15. Tim S.

    Tim S.

    Sioux Falls, SD Run injury free

  16. Andrea V M.

    Andrea V M.

    Manhattan, KS

  17. Zach W.

    Zach W.

    Atlanta, GA 5K-15K, half-, & eventually marathons/tri's (if so inspired)....Improve my overall health and well-being, prepare for a return to rowing, bring sexy back.

  18. Riccardo S.

    Riccardo S.

    Milan, MI to run a marathon in less than 4 hours

  19. Ryan S.

    Ryan S.

    Sacramento, CA run the San Francisco Marathon in July 2010

  20. For My H.

    For My H.

    US 5'3"160Ib on 02/10/10 when i started gym membership.goal:good BMI(140Ib) happy heart,trim thighs for cute jeans (lol). Run Julia's Run for Children 2010 -Done