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  1. Edith
  2. Bernard
  3. Ichabod O.

    Ichabod O.

    Dunsmuir, CA To lose Weight and improve my fitness.

  4. Kevin W.

    Kevin W.

    Tucson, AZ Learning about who I am, how far I can push myself, and how each mile, each step is making me a better, stronger person.

  5. Kurt K.

    Kurt K.

    Bethlehem, PA A return to a more primitive state.

  6. Jamie K.

    Jamie K.

    Oceanport, NJ To live a healthy lifestyle, and raise $1,000 for Amman Imman by October 27--my 30th birthday!

  7. Cy C.

    Cy C.

    Manila, PH the Honolulu Marathon

  8. Ali


    Oklahoma City, OK My goal is to run a half marathon!!

  9. Mrs Kaci

    Mrs Kaci

    Bay Area My 2nd attempt at my first triathlon, June 2013!

  10. Andrea S.

    Andrea S.

    Haverford, PA Find other runners in Lawrence to run with! Run next marathon in under 3:57.

  11. Michelle S.

    Michelle S.

    Haviland, KS Run. If I can do that I can get my bakery!

  12. Scotti N.

    Scotti N.

    Nashville, TN I want to run a sub-five hour marathon.

  13. Damian
  14. Tatsuhiro
  15. Lon


  16. Noe


  17. Kelvin
  18. Robby
  19. Green
  20. Conrad