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  1. Thi L.

    Thi L.

    Houston, TX

  2. Israel R.

    Israel R.

    Bronx, NY 1: Bring my pace down under 8 for a 13 mile run.

  3. Juan G.

    Juan G.

    Corpus Christi, TX Run 1 1/2 mile under 9 mins and 3 miles under 21 mins.

  4. Carmen


    Pensacola, FL Overall Health

  5. Laurie A.

    Laurie A.

    Minot, ND I'm an aspiring trathlete and marathoner. I want to run the AF marathon in 2011 and I'm training with my spouse for our first triathlon together.

  6. Joshua H.

    Joshua H.

    Dupont, WA Doing the Bridle Trails Running Festival 50k Solo in January.....last time in 2008 had a time of 5:54....would like to get close to 4:30 or faster this time!!

  7. Chyrl M.

    Chyrl M.

    Franklin, TN I am very much a wanabe runner :) I would love to find a running partner who would like to run together and train with the goal of working up to a half marathon

  8. Caleb
  9. Okey
  10. Elwood
  11. Odie
  12. Joshua
  13. Annie
  14. Vivian