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  1. Elisa W.

    Elisa W.

    Erda, UT I want to walk faster and be fit all over. I want to be able to jog a mile and not have my knees hurt, so I am very slowly adding jogging time in.

  2. Lisa A.

    Lisa A.

    Denver, CO Run in the Ragnar Relay on Sept. 6th and 7th. Continue to work on my hip muscles and hope I don't get injured... GO TO PT.

  3. Mollie S.

    Mollie S.

    Fort Mill, SC To improve my pace consistency and push my limits.

  4. Gregg
  5. Ford
  6. Monroe
  7. Noel
  8. Keith
  9. Faith W.

    Faith W.

    Saint Paul, MN Run another marathon in 2013 and complete the MS150

  10. Alison C.

    Alison C.

    Lynchburg, VA The VA Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon, Sept. 5th. Always wanted to do one!

  11. Ren K.

    Ren K.

    Bryne, NO Coming back after DVT. Running, yoga and weight lifting.

  12. Megan B.

    Megan B.

    NC To look and feel better!

  13. Ali


    Denver, CO Health and Happiness

  14. Daniele N.

    Daniele N.

    San Antonio, TX I am always looking to improve my running. I am training for the New York City Marathon and I am super excited!! This might be the ONLY marathon I run!

  15. Cary
  16. Alejandro
  17. Barb
  18. Nellie
  19. Fabian