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  1. Alexis B.

    Alexis B.

    Cooper City, FL to fell alive and well in my body and to enjoy dynamic sports such as running, swimming, and pilates.

  2. Shane M.

    Shane M.

    Rugby, GB keep swimming through the winter until the weather improves and I can get back out on the pushbike :)

  3. Mindy


    UT Moab, Half Mararhon

  4. Katie


    Medford, NJ SunTrust National Marathon (3/26/2011) - 4:30:00

  5. Lori F.

    Lori F.

    South Lyon, MI Fool's 50K, Pig Full and throw some more races and couple Tri's in. Run at least 25 miles each week.

  6. Carla V.

    Carla V.

    San Diego, CA Would like to find my pace and run non stop for at least 5 miles. I have a tendency to start too fast and burn out early.

  7. Joshua C.

    Joshua C.

    Ellijay, GA To be competive in an Olympic distance tri and to WIN and Sprint Tri or DUO! OR, just to regain my 20something youthful body!

  8. Lisa E.

    Lisa E.

    Nashville, TN my goal is be healthy and live a more healthy life mean eating right and workout each day

  9. Josh P.

    Josh P.

    Springfield, OH Get more definition and lost about 30 pounds and keep it off to prepare for my Level 2 Firefighting Academy.

  10. Nathan C.

    Nathan C.

    Media, PA To bike and run to work more than I drive. Get to work in less than 30 minutes by bike (6.5 miles) and by foot (3.5 miles).

  11. Harley


    Painesville, OH To run with my mom, catch balls and frisbees and play in the water a lot.

  12. Moises R.

    Moises R.

    Belton, TX To be the best i can ever be. Work hard and qualify for TEAM USA and go for Gold.

  13. Monica


    Southern California Run for life and to conquer the fear of heights and water.

  14. Vino B.
  15. Diradja H.

    Diradja H.

    Chicago, IL

  16. Aki


    London, GB Learn from experience, train better and enjoy the next challenge!

  17. Bert D.

    Bert D.

    Farmington, MI Stay active. Enjoy the outdoors. Live and love life.

  18. Jared G.

    Jared G.

    Washington, DC General fitness, energy, weight loss (get to 180 lbs), and better fitting clothes. I'd also like to do another sprint triathlon like I did back in 2003.

  19. Ashlynne


    I just started running so I haven't set any real goals yet. However I did just finish my first 5k and I am thinking about signing up for a 10k.

  20. Carl


    Arlington, VA Compete in Iron Man and Ultra Man in the next 2 years.