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  1. Rodney W.

    Rodney W.

    Parkersburg, WV Having fun running..doing a couple or more half marathons later this year but the main goal is to help my children learn to work hard but have fun running.

  2. Randy G.

    Randy G.

    Monroe, MI Love for running for 38 years leads me to have less goals but challenge, meditation and fitness and fun, fun, fun come to mind...

  3. Yolanda


    Clermont, FL Goals for 2019.....focus on myself in health and exercise. Get back into running, biking. Weight training. Try to Iive a Happy stress free life.

  4. Stephanie C.

    Stephanie C.

    Lisbon, CT start running again and lose a little weight!

  5. Robbie P.

    Robbie P.

    Blacksburg, VA Hope to do more trail running this year. First marathon in November. Who knows after that. Just love running and want to see where it takes me.

  6. Mickey W.

    Mickey W.

    Lawrence, KS Endurance adventures, CrossFit, cycling, swimming, and running races and training.

  7. Bryanna P.

    Bryanna P.

    Spokane, WA My goal is a sub 2:50 marathon (and one day qualify for the Olympic trials) and to run over 2000 miles for the year!!

  8. Dc B.

    Dc B.

    Raleigh, NC In the long term I plan on running the Knoxville Marathon next April. In the short term, I want to enjoy every mile I'm blessed with.

  9. Francesco S.

    Francesco S.

    Chicago, IL PR in the half and full marathon, re-qualify and run Boston.

  10. Jenny H.

    Jenny H.

    Sioux City, IA New Year and New goals! 3 halfs, under 2 hr pr, run 750 miles and strength train to help aid in my running process!

  11. Samantha M.

    Samantha M.

    Southfield, MI After completing my first set of goals and running my first relay, my next set of goals is to continue to run various relays/races to train for my own marathon!

  12. Rachel D.

    Rachel D.

    GA To start running again after the stress fracture in my femur last fall. 2012: Peachtree Road Race, Nashville Women's Half Marathon and Marine Corp Marathon.

  13. Ramzy M.

    Ramzy M.

    Chennai, IN By Dec 31st 2015: 2500 Kms of Cycling 500 Kms of Running Participate in 1 Traithlon event Participate in 1 International event Complete 3 Full Marathons

  14. Keith L.

    Keith L.

    Nottingham, GB Keep fit and continue to enjoy my running.

  15. Janet Anderson C.

    Janet Anderson C.

    Blaine, MN I had to retire from soccer this year so I have started running more and joined Mom's on the Run. I am going to train for a half marathon this summer.

  16. Chad C.

    Chad C.

    Bozeman, MT To run...and keep running.

  17. Jimmy J.

    Jimmy J.

    Kingsport, TN God is my strength 2/run!!! Start "running" again, and get back in great shape..+ ( =

  18. Yamada H.

    Yamada H.

    Tokyo, JP Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon2013 and our activity '' . I am an adviser of Japan Barefoot Running Association.

  19. L K.

    L K.

    Hungary, HU My main goal is weight loss but I'd also like to compete in a running race in the future.

  20. Melissa U.

    Melissa U.

    Hugo, MN Ultimate goal... Disney Half Marathon But working towards a 10k and 10 mile (Twin Cities 10 mile in October)