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  1. N


    I'm new to running and I do it because it makes me feel good, it's a challenge and I can watch myself grow and improve. I suck at running but not for long!

  2. Dana D.

    Dana D.

    Thornton, CO I just started running. My goal is to be healthier. I quit smoking in June and don't want to put on weight. I'm also getting older, time to take care of myself

  3. Ashley P.

    Ashley P.

    Virginia, MN My new PR that i have to beat for a 5k now is a 23:56, 10k 51:47 my half marathon 1:57:16. These are my new times i must beat!! Good luck to me!!

  4. Yvonne L.

    Yvonne L.

    Inlet, NY To run my first 15K in July. New to running.

  5. Cassie E.

    Cassie E.

    Billings, MT My goals are to get fit and healthy, lose 90 pounds (70 to go!), run a half marathon this summer, and prove my junior high gym teachers wrong.

  6. Keely S.

    Keely S.

    Dekalb, IL To complete the C25K program like my friends, and maybe after that run a real race. :-)

  7. Gregory H.

    Gregory H.

    La Center, WA Run the Helvetia Half Marathon and the Portland Marathon in 2012. I'm 54 and haven't run since high school track team.

  8. Jessi O.

    Jessi O.

    Chicago, IL Working on completing two 1/2 marathons this year. Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get into a great groove!

  9. Travis K.

    Travis K.

    Superior, WI My goal is to get more in shape, run a half marathon in October, some 5K's, and hopefully complete 2 Ragnar's this summer!

  10. Chris S.

    Chris S.

    Mc Cormick, SC Using the Galloway run/walk for my first 5k in Sept and then work my way up to a half marathon

  11. Michelle P.

    Michelle P.

    2014 goal is to work on speed and endurance- 10k: 10 min or faster pace

  12. Aravind B.

    Aravind B.

    Chennai, IN Complete the Half Iron man Triathlon and Dec 2 Full marathon without cramping ;-)

  13. Benjamin G.

    Benjamin G.

    Salida, CO

  14. Misty B.

    Misty B.

    Wichita, KS To run my first 5K on August 11th, 2012.

  15. Lisa I.

    Lisa I.

    Clifton Park, NY being able to run with my husband!

  16. Nick B.

    Nick B.

    Bloomington, IN Nashville Half Marathon

  17. Alez


    Dominican Republic, DO To run a half marathon by this time next year.

  18. Kris


    I've registered for my first 5K on April 30th, 2011!!

  19. Cindy S.

    Cindy S.

    Davie, FL is to loose weight at the beginning but to run a 5k. Eventually I want to be able to run a 10k to tri.

  20. Jennifer S.

    Jennifer S.

    Durham, NC To run a 10K this year?