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  1. Jamie S.

    Jamie S.

    Roscoe, IL Run. Just get back out there and run.

  2. Helen R.

    Helen R.

    South Bend, IN I want to be able to compete in ( ride and Tie) this summer. Ride my horse 5 miles and run on my feet next 5 on my horse for 5 miles. Total 20 to 50miles

  3. Brandii K.

    Brandii K.

    Washington, DC My initial goal was to jog a 15 min mile! I met that in two weeks! My next goal is to run 2 miles a day! Underlying goal is weight loss.

  4. Julian W.

    Julian W.

    Magdalena, PE Iron Man 2014

  5. Merlin
  6. Stephanie E.

    Stephanie E.

    Rainsville, AL to run in the 5k this time next year