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  1. Sarah R.

    Sarah R.

    Baton Rouge, LA Pensacola Bridge Swim, IM 70.3 NOLA, IM 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake, IM 70.3 Austin

  2. Gina


    Los Angeles, CA A "Born Again" athlete as it has been years since I have been exercising regularly. I am not concerned about the scale but how I feel and so far I feel GREAT!

  3. Ron


  4. Neacaile C.

    Neacaile C.

    Edmonton, AB Run 1/2 Marathon and Lose Weight

  5. Amy R.

    Amy R.

    Bushnell, FL Total body strength, health and healing.

  6. Amy H.

    Amy H.

    Athens, AL Acheive and maintain healthy weight

  7. Joanne A.

    Joanne A.

    Stanley, GB I have lost over 2 stone since September 2011 and my mission is to get fit and planning to swim 2.5km next year after doing 1 mile swimathon this year.

  8. Ashely H.

    Ashely H.

    Houston, TX Overall fitness improvement. Increase speed. Build endurance. Participate in various 5ks and cycling events throughout the year. Eventually complete a triathlon

  9. Laura Marie

    Laura Marie

    NJ Get stronger, faster & build endurance

  10. Terrence
  11. Chelsey K.

    Chelsey K.

    I want to track my fitness accurately.

  12. Elizabeth S.

    Elizabeth S.

    Salt Lake City, UT I started cycling cause my doc said I couldn't drive for 3 mos due to seizures. My 3 months are up, and I'm still riding. Eventually I would like to race.

  13. Lisa F.

    Lisa F.

    Effingham, IL Longer distances and more endurance

  14. Shayne B.

    Shayne B.


  15. Beau
  16. Britt C.

    Britt C.

    Louisville, KY Run a sub 3 hour Marathon! (my current PR is a 3:09 @ Boston '10). Finish an Ironman in under 11 hours (current PR is a 11:42)

  17. Luci G.

    Luci G.

    Washington, DC Fun!

  18. Ryan D.

    Ryan D.

    Cape Coral, FL 1600 miles this year. Get down to 200 lbs.

  19. Tom


  20. Dennie