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  1. Beth


    Milwaukee, WI I want to run a 10k and eventually work myself up to a 1/2 marathon. Also I would like to increase my speed as I'm incredibly slow!

  2. Amy G.

    Amy G.

    Las Vegas, NV 2011!! Signed up for Boise 70.3 June 11! Also going to do 4 BBSC event here and in Utah! In sprint races...the podium is mine!

  3. Angel N.

    Angel N.

    Bedford, IN I am working towards becoming healthy again! I would like to get my legs stronger again and lose the weight i have put on in the last few years!

  4. Lauren C.

    Lauren C.

    Mesa, AZ 4 Miles a day

  5. Val G.

    Val G.

    My goal is to run 500 miles this year!

  6. Ashley P.

    Ashley P.

    I would love to walk minimum of 20 miles per week.

  7. Clarinda D.

    Clarinda D.

    Las Vegas, NV 600 miles in 2017.