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  1. Lynette M.

    Lynette M.

    Salt Lake City, UT I've "retired" from long distance training / races. It triggers my E-D. GOALS: #1 HELP others reach their goals #2 Exercise moderately and daily.

  2. Joelle B.

    Joelle B.

    Boyertown, PA Continue running monthly 5K's and training for my first 1/2 marathon in October. I want to be healthy and set a good example for my children : )

  3. Duane C.

    Duane C.

    Catlettsburg, KY Goal for this year is to run at least two times a week and do 75 push ups and 100 sit ups every day.

  4. Clinton T.

    Clinton T.

    Oklahoma City, OK I have now finished my first race! It was the Warrior Dash in Tulsa, OK. Now I plan to keep training and running, and hopefully sign up for more races soon.

  5. Robin Main R.

    Robin Main R.

    New Orleans, LA To run the Crescent City Classic with a pace of 10 min/mi or faster in April 2012, and then to continue my running regimen.

  6. Tiana T.

    Tiana T.

    Warner Robins, GA Get to where I can run a full mile without stopping [done - August 2010] and run a 5k [done - August 2010] New Goal: increase speed

  7. Kimberly D.

    Kimberly D.

    GA Complete a half marathon and to continue working on my time ~One step at a time~

  8. Nick


    San Diego, CA Enter and complete my first triathlon. So truthfully I'm a wannabe!

  9. Kendell C.

    Kendell C.

    Tulsa, OK Run a half-marathon. Live a healthy life -- which includes being physically healthy and strong!

  10. Chas
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  12. Harrison
  13. Genesis
  14. Falone C.

    Falone C.

    Waycross, GA is to lose 50 pounds and be able to run a mile without stopping. Continue to be cigarrette free.

  15. Ramona


    Lansing Charter Township, MI Run more consistently, become faster, balance work, running, and life. Spend more time with running friends.

  16. Kandi B.

    Kandi B.

    Dade City, FL Training for a half marathon in February!

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