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  1. Erica H.

    Erica H.

    Gainesville, FL Maintain healthy eating and exercise habits. Get back into triathlons!

  2. Sheldon
  3. Myron K.

    Myron K.

    Cambridge, ON Marathons

  4. Natasha H.

    Natasha H.

    Bolivar, MO I want to drop to 150 pounds and look KILLING in March for my cruise

  5. Mike K.

    Mike K.

    Feeding Hills, MA not die.

  6. Courtney L.

    Courtney L.

    Kansas City, MO Consistency and building up higher mileage; become strong enough for trail running again.

  7. Valioo A.

    Valioo A.

    Paris, FR To run Paris Marathon under 3h30m

  8. Debbie C.

    Debbie C.

    Bayfield, CO 1000 Miles this year

  9. Amit C.

    Amit C.

    Mumbai, IN Want to run 21.09km within 1:20 mins!

  10. Pauline G.

    Pauline G.

    New Plymouth, NZ To run my first marathon in 2013 and to do my first ironman 2014.

  11. Jiali Y.

    Jiali Y.

    Winston Salem, NC My goal is to run 10 kilometers within 55 minutes.

  12. Matthew M.

    Matthew M.

    Philadelphia, PA I want to get back in shape and lose 20 pounds or so. Ultimately I want to be back down to 175 pounds and able to play whatever sport I'd like.

  13. Marc
  14. Kartik S.
  15. Jenny S.

    Jenny S.

    De Pere, WI Make it in the professional running world-- eventually qualify for the Olympic Trials!

  16. Joshua P.

    Joshua P.

    San Antonio, TX To be able to run a marathon by the end of 2011.

  17. Andi Mae N.

    Andi Mae N.

    Winslow, AZ get lean... gain be healthy above all....

  18. Angel Marie

    Angel Marie

    US Iron Man 2017 Chattanooga

  19. Greg C.

    Greg C.

    Cazenovia, NY Re-establish solid distance base for sub-three hour marathon

  20. Lyndsey S.