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  1. Alex
  2. Seamus M.

    Seamus M.

    Dallas, TX Ikkyu rank in Aikido.

  3. Jordan M.

    Jordan M.

    Chicago, IL

  4. Mateo N.

    Mateo N.

    San Francisco, CA 1st place in 2010 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu US Open in Santa Cruz in October, IKMF Certified Krav Maga Instructor by next year.

  5. Benjamin A.

    Benjamin A.

    Dunoon, GB Fitness and fun. maybe a marathon one day...

  6. Shana


    CA my first marathon

  7. Jean-Mark V.

    Jean-Mark V.

    Norfolk, VA -Navy Fitness Req - run 1.5 miles under 11:15 min. (not on treadmill) -Run a Half Marathon PR -Run a 10k

  8. Sid A.

    Sid A.

    National Capital Region, Philippines, PH world peace :D

  9. Kyle


    Additional cardio for Martial Arts training

  10. Heath C.

    Heath C.

    Japan, JP lightness of body spirit and mind...and it's found in the stillness of motion ^^y

  11. Corey S.

    Corey S.

    Madison, WI Glacial Trail 50k Rematch October 2013, Sub 6hr 50k, UTMB Someday Maybe

  12. Katie Ellen M.

    Katie Ellen M.

    Oklahoma City, OK MMA FIGHTING, and the triatholon that I hope to complete when I graduate college

  13. Al


    Sydney, AU Score of 250 plus on Marines Battle Fitness test. Ability to get through, and push myself in CrossFit-intensity workouts.

  14. Lorraine H.

    Lorraine H.

    Frankfurt Am Main, DE Work hard, play often, race well, have fun

  15. David J.

    David J.

    Fort Wayne, IN Potawatomi Trail Runs 100 miler in April or Kettle Moraine 100 miler in June.

  16. Wyatt
  17. Anderson
  18. Young
  19. Melissa S.

    Melissa S.

    San Francisco, CA

  20. Jack