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  1. Elwin Van Der G.

    Elwin Van Der G.

    Netherlands, NL All sorts of comp. sports: Adventure racing, Mountain running, Orienteering, Survival runs, (Ice) Climbing.

  2. Charlie


    Asheville, NC Adventure racing

  3. Chris M.

    Chris M.

    Okemos, MI a Triathlon and Adventure Racing

  4. Brandon


    Campbell, CA AR 50, adventure racing, Western States 100

  5. Derrick B.

    Derrick B.

    St Joseph, MO Survive 4 days of Adventure Racing in Belize.

  6. Nathan W.

    Nathan W.

    Nacogdoches, TX I'd like to do a marathon once a year, olympic-length triathalons, 12 and 24 hour adventure races, 100 mile bike rides, and one day, a full Ironman.

  7. Amber L.

    Amber L.

    Mansfield, TX I have done it all from adventure races to marathons. I am just training for fun! Future Ironman in the works!

  8. Thomas B.

    Thomas B.

    San Francisco, CA Adventure Races

  9. Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Milton Keynes, GB Adventure Races and Triathlons

  10. Lisa S.

    Lisa S.

    Colorado Springs, CO Half Marathon early June AXS Durango Adventure Race June 26

  11. Cliff L.

    Cliff L.

    Maumelle, AR Ride at least one century this year; Compete in at least one adventure race, duathlon, road/mtn crit race, cyclocross; Try bike polo; Train for marathon in 2012

  12. Kristin


    St Louis, MO Lewis & Clark half marathon; Half Ironman; adventure races

  13. Patrick W.

    Patrick W.

    Perkasie, PA Currently healing two ankle fractures. Once done goals are: Megatransect, Oil Creek 100, Peak 100, & Leadville 100. With Death Races in between.

  14. Mark W.

    Mark W.

    Cumbria, UK

  15. Chuck V.

    Chuck V.

    St Louis, MO

  16. Gina Y.

    Gina Y.

    Tampa, FL

  17. Kelly K.

    Kelly K.

    San Francisco, CA Release the new dailymile iPhone app

  18. Kevin A.

    Kevin A.

    Athens, GA Trying to qualify for Western States. Aiming to run at least one 100 mile race in the next year.

  19. Jonathan B.

    Jonathan B.

    Dallas, GA

  20. Dave H.

    Dave H.

    Saint Charles, MO Get to a place of consistently healthy living.